VIDEO: Direct Mail Comes Alive

Have you ever seen DIRECT MAIL come alive in your hands?

Watch this video and see how direct mail continues to evolve!

With technology like augmented reality applications and QR codes, DIRECT MAIL steps up to a whole new level.

"Mail pieces and technology are like the high school quarterback and the well-liked cheerleader. Direct mail is the star quarterback: reliable, smart, and firm to the touch. Technology is the flashy cheerleader: sharp features, full of new ideas and occasionally loud. Put them together and you have the prom queen and king.

With QR codes and augmented reality applications, direct mail can come alive in your hands. Direct mail immediately becomes social with a scan of the smartphone and an offer to share. Direct mail pieces can immediately transport you to a 3-D world with augmented reality. The applications are endless, and with the evolution of smartphone technology, new ways to have your phone interact with the printed piece will continue to evolve."

Check out the video below! 🙂