We continue to invest in environmental initiatives by offering sustainable options, calculating our emissions and reducing our carbon footprint year after year.


As a carbon neutral company, an FSC® certified printer, and Climate Smart certified business, we are proud to offer a fine selection of recycled, post-consumer, and sustainable papers.

Ask us about using these papers for your next project. We’d love for you to see them, feel them, and use them.


Featured Papers

Mohawk Renewal Straw

Straw is a byproduct of wheat farming. Every year, after the wheat harvest, thousands of acres of straw are either burned off or plowed under. Making paper with straw eliminates the need for “fall burns” set by farmers to clear straw from their fields, creating acrid smoke and carbon emissions.

Today, that impact is being mitigated by harvesting straw for paper pulp.⁣⁣

⁣Mohawk Renewal Straw is made using 30% straw, processed by Columbia Pulp LLC in Eastern Washington, where a new mill has been built to process straw fibers into viable pulp to make fine paper. Blended with sustainable virgin wood fibers, Mohawk Renewal Straw has been engineered to perform on every press platform from digital to offset.⁣⁣

Mohawk Renewal Hemp

Hemp grows rapidly, maturing in as quickly as 90 days. Turning hemp into pulp requires less chemicals, water, and energy than wood.

Hemp fibers were an agricultural staple in Colonial America, used extensively in the manufacture of fabric, rope and paper. Then it was outlawed in the 1930s. Today, with depression-era laws rolled back and the expanding CBD and cannabis industries, hemp farming is growing as well.

Every sheet of Mohawk Renewal Hemp is made with 30% hemp fiber. ⁣Making paper with hemp contributes to the growth of a sustainable supply chain for this rapidly renewable fiber source.⁣

Mohawk Renewal Recycled Cotton

For centuries, cotton textile waste was recycled to make paper. Today, there is more textile waste than ever. Made from t-shirt and denim scrap diverted from the millions of textile waste sent to landfills every year, Mohawk Renewal Recycled Cotton uses two sources for its cotton fiber: white t-shirt trim and blue denim thread.

Both shades of Mohawk Renewal Recycled Cotton are a direct reflection of their input materials. T-Shirt White is unbleached, white and pure cotton textile waste, while Denim is made from 30% denim thread and 70% cotton t-shirt textile. Mohawk Renewal Denim’s blue shade is derived solely from the blue of the denim thread, using no additional dyes.


Classic Crest®

Classic® Linen

Classic® Laid

Classic® Columns

Classic® Stipple

Classic® Techweave

Offered in various cover and text weights and textures, these papers contain 100% post-consumer fiber, are manufactured entirely with certified renewable energy, and processed using chlorine-free practices. These papers are also Green Seal® and FSC® certified ensuring responsible forest management.

Neenah Environment® + Royal Sundance®

Sustainability is the new black. Environment® papers are influenced by colours and textures in the real world. These premium 100% post-consumer fiber papers, manufactured entirely with certified renewable energy and processed using chlorine-free practices, are available in both smooth and earthy raw textures that enhance any print communication. These papers are also Green Seal® and FSC® certified ensuring responsible forest management.

Mohawk Options + Navajo

Mohawk Options + Navajo feature Mohawk’s exclusive Inxwell surface technology, combining the tactile feel of uncoated paper with the ink density and sharp detail of coated. Options + Navajo feature six premium white shades and three distinct finishes to complement a range of styles including three 100% Post Consumer Waste choices. The entire line is FSC® certified and made with windpower for demanding print projects that need an environmentally preferable paper choice.

Astrolite PC100 Velvet C2S

The only coated paper made from 100% post consumer waste. Exquisitely vibrant. Exquisitely sustainable. True quality without compromise. FSC® certified, made with Green-e Certified Renewable Energy, carbon neutral, and a manufactured process that is chlorine-free.

Rolland Enviro® Digital

Efficient and consistent. Made from 100% post-consumer sustainable fiber, and with biogas as a main energy source, Rolland’s Enviro® product line has the smallest environmental footprint in North America’s paper industry, while always offering incredible brightness for superior color reproduction. This smooth-finished paper is a reliable choice for high-end marketing materials, stationery, direct mail pieces, business cards and more.

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