6 Tips for Designing an Effective Banner Stand

At Colour Time, we have a large selection of banner materials and stands available for a wide range of applications. This includes (but is not limited to) roll-up stands, sandwich boards, trade show signage, point of purchase, table top display, outdoor stands, literature racks and pop up displays.

Any trade show exhibitor knows that a professional and eye-catching banner stand is critical in drawing visitors to their booth. At Colour Time, our most popular roll-up banner stand is 33″ x 79″ and is specially-priced this summer at $199.00 (regular $249.00).  This includes the print, hardware stand, installation and a handy carrying bag.

BannersPhoto courtesy of TKO.

That being said, today we would like to talk about some tips that will help you design an effective banner stand.

1. Use a “catch phrase”.

In order to catch a visitor’s attention, use a catch phrase that is short and large enough for people to quickly read. Make sure it states something that will make the visitor want to learn more about your product or service.

2. Refrain from placing important text and images at the bottom of your stand.

There is a tendency for people not to look at the bottom of posters and banners. Ensure that all of the important information you would like a visitor to know is placed at eye-level. You may place your website address at the bottom as once a visitor is interested, he or she will read more.

3. Do not “flood” your banner with too much information.

Keep it short, simple and to the point. Remember, a visitor will not stand there and read every word. Also, make sure your text is at a legible size.

4. Know what your most important message is.

Avoid providing a variety of messages on your banner. Capture the visitor’s attention by displaying your most important message. You may provide other relevant information on a brochure or flyer.

5. Use professional graphics and images.

Ensure that the graphics you use on your banner are high-quality. They should be tasteful, pleasing to the eye and relate to your product. If you are unable to create a professional design yourself, ask us for a design template for any of our stands or we can look after the design for a minimal charge.

6. Use colour wisely.

Yes, your banner should definitely stand out – but not in a tacky way. Make sure that you coordinate your colours well – if you have a coloured logo, then use colours that will complement it. It will also help visitors remember your brand.