10 Helpful Green Printing Tips

At Colour Time, we are environmentally-conscious about everything we do. Being situated in a city as beautiful as Vancouver, it is imperative for us to respect nature and preserve our natural surroundings.

Green Printing Vancouver

As an FSC-Certified printer, we fully encourage eco-friendly print services and we are committed to environmentally-sustainable practices with the highest quality.

Here are 10 helpful tips on how you can go green with printing:

1. Use non-toxic inks

  • Print with vegetable-based and soy-based inks – they carry the lowest volative organic compounds (VOCs) of any ink in the industry and are biodegradable.

2. Opt for non-toxic coating

  • Apply water-based or non-toxic aqueous coating – this will still allow you to have a full gloss finish without worrying about potentially-toxic chemicals.

3. Proof your work

  • Proof often and reduce waste. Good proofing is one of the best printing tips we can give you. Less printing mistakes means less printing waste.

4. Choose a printer with a green policy

  • At Colour Time, our Green Policy drives everything we do.

5. Combine mailing and printing

  • Do it all under one roof! Instead of printing your direct mail products and shipping them to a mailing house  – have your printing and mailing done under one roof at Colour Time.  Save fuel and transportation costs!
  • In addition, you can use our integrated marketing services, and we'll combine the usual advertising platforms of print (direct mail, ads, coupons) with the interactive capabilities of web, mobile and social networks.  All this allows for cost-effective runs and personalization of your marketing materials which will give you the greatest impact.

6. Do it digitally

  • Consider using digital printing with no VOCs, light energy consumption and almost zero waste.  Use print-on-demand techniques to eliminate cost over runs with outdated materials. Use personalization to better target your market and increase your ROI.

7. Consider using alternative paper

  • Use recycled papers that contain up to 100% recycled materials, including 100% post-consumer content papers or papers that are non-bleached and chlorine-free.
  • At Colour Time, we stock these locally so printing can still be achieved in an environmentally-friendly process with no delays.

8. Choose conservation technology

  • Our DI press and digital presses use a waterless printing system which eliminates the water or dampening system used in conventional printing.   The presses are eco-friendly and simply put, waterless printing is a better choice.

9. Offset cost with creativity

  • Design multi-functional projects – e.g. self mailer/program combos – to economize when using more expensive paper.
  • Combine projects whenever possible – e.g. print business cards and postcards from the same recycled paper. You'll save money, and help the environment.

10. Use a sustainable symbol

  • As an FSC-Certified printer, we can certify any of your projects and use the FSC logo to brand your printed pieces to help you send a green message. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) works with businesses and organizations to promote responsible forestry practices. Use of this trademark is restricted to those who comply with current standards and regulations.
  • Ask for an eco audit on your next order and publish the environmental benefits right in your document to help demonstrate your company’s environmental commitment.